Premium soundbars are producing some astonishing results these days. Samsung has just unveiled two more models in their premium category, with the HW-Q950T and HW-Q900T hitting stores later this month.

The HW-Q950T is the higher end model of the two, with support for 9.1.4 channel sound, while the HW-Q900T get’s a still impressive 7.1.2 channel surround. The additional channels come from the two wireless rear up-firing speakers and left and right wide channel speakers included with the HW-Q950T.

A brief explainer of these numbers, the first number is the main channels, in this case: 9, the second number is the number of subwoofers: 1, and the third number is the amount of upward firing speakers bouncing sound off your ceiling, in this case: 4, for a total of 9.1.4


Both models support eARC which offers wider bandwidth for sending data from the TV to the soundbar, and Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for multi-dimensional audio – basically it plays the best quality sound no matter which format the movie you’re playing uses.

Customers with Samsung QLED TVs can also experience a benefit from the Q-symphony feature which uses both the soundbar and the audio from the TV – that’s a LOT of speakers.

Seong Cho, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Product Marketing of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said of the new premium soundbars: ‘Samsung collaborated with the U.S Audio Lab to develop multi-dimensional surround sound that could be more readily enjoyed by consumers at home, which was previously only possible with a separate, expensive home-theater system. In addition to improving sound quality, we also focused on fine-tuning the soundbar’s design aesthetic by using eco-friendly textiles, made by the Danish premium brand Kvadrat‘.

Samsung has included smart speaker support, though only for Alexa and their own SmartThings eco-system, with support for music services including Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio on offer.

You’ll be able to order both models from mid-July, with the HW-Q950T (including subwoofer and rear speakers) priced at $2,099, while the HW-Q900T (including subwoofer) will be priced at $1,599.