Bowling hasn’t changed much in all the years I’ve been popping in for 10 frames. But something very cool and interactive just launched in Sydney’s North.

The Hornsby RSL Bowling Alley is located in a new entertainment space called “The Attic” on the second floor of the club.

With a bar, arcade games and four lanes of bowling it’s a great school holiday, weekend or night time venue for a bit of fun and food.

The Bowling Alley itself uses a simplified pin system called “String Pin” which sees all the pins staying in the lane when you bowl them down, retrieved by the machine simply pulling them in from the string attached to the top of them.

It doesn’t change the bowling experience, except to make the whole machine required much much smaller.

But it’s on the lanes that you’ll see the big difference.

Projectors and sensors above each lane create a “screen” on which you bowl, and as the ball runs down the lane the screen changes based on the location of the ball, it’s really cool to see.

While the game is still ten frames, the computer scoring system has more detail than you might have seen before. For each frame you can tap the touch-screen to see your pin drops, and the speed of each bowl.

Really cool, and lots of fun.

There are four lanes, they are shorter than your average bowling Alley, but we’re not talking about world championship level bowling here, it’s fun, fast and easy.

Each lane gets a booth to sit in and the bar and snacks are just a few steps away.

The Club have all the CovidSafe processes in place, including ball-cleaning and sanitiser when you enter.

Book online at Hornsby RSL