We’ve all seen the Bee Movie right? They are a critical part of our environment right – and something you probably don’t know is that the Aussie Bee industry is one of the healthiest in the world – free from a significant threat that is found worldwide.

The Varroa Destructor (Varroa Mite) could cripple our bee colony as it has in other places around the world.

A food brand you’ll also know quite well is getting into the Honey game – Bega, and as part of their move into the liquid gold, they’ve thrown their support behind the Purple Hive Project.

The idea is simple, but extremely high tech. Build a network of “Purple Hives” across Australia – at all the key and likely entry points for any external threat like the Varroa mite.

These Purple Hives are 4G connected, with a 360 degree camera inside and a smart computer.

The camera snaps continuously those coming into the hive. Every bee is detected and snapped. The computer is able to determine if they are healthy or struggling.

If there are bees struggling, it could be a sign of a pest, and beekeepers can be alerted.

Together the network of hives will learn and grow smarter, working together to help keep Australia’s bee industry the cleanest in the world.