If you’ve got an Apple Device, there’s more than a few Belkin accessories to suit it, and as of today there’s a new range of charging products for the iPhone and wearables, while MacBook users can have a bit more privacy as we work more and more from the office.

That coffee shop might make a mean Latte – but if the people next to you can read your corporate spreadsheets you’re going to be hauled back into the office quick smart.

Enter Belkin’s “TruePrivacy” screen protector. For 13 inch MacBooks, this is perfect for people at the office in open plan, or for those working at home or remotely.

It’s a thin screen protector that can be removed, washed, reused, and when you look at your screen from an angle, it just looks black – front on, as the user would be – all perfect.

Available for $84.95.

For those with an iPhone looking for a wireless charger, and a portable battery pack, this one is genius.

It’s a Qi enabled (Wireless charging) power bank, that sits in a Belkin stand when you get home, charging itself back up and your phone at the same time.

Being a 10,000mAh battery, that’s going to be perfect for a weekend away, no cables required. It will set you back $129.95

For the all-in Apple user, Belkin’s Boost Charge 3-in-1 Charger does it all.

An elegant stand for your iPhone, your Apple Watch and your Airpods.

Simple, but most importantly stunning. Available for $219.95.

For just $84.95 you can pickup the latest Belkin Wireless Charging Pad which will charge your iPhone, Airpods or Airpods Pro with wireless charging case.

Pumping 7.5W power into iPhone 8 or later, this will also work with most cases up to 3mm thick.

All these products are available now in Apple Stores, and soon online also.