Every year we get new phones announced, we get new software, but we also get new Emojis.

The council of world emojis, otherwise known as the Unicode Consortium get together and read submissions on all the new emojis people think we should have. That has led to some excellent additions, things as simple as skin colour, right through to wheelchairs and much more.

This year, there’s new ones again – and our favourite is all-Aussie – the Boomerang.

Much more important than Bubble Tea lets be honest.

Doctors will be pumped by the new Anatomical Heart

And the Lungs of course.

Italians will love the Pinched Hand.

And finally my kids can understand they won’t always get big dollars, maybe just a few cents.

I do worry how this one will end up being used though – The Beaver:

That said, it’s all coming.

And Apple too are upping their Memoji game, with new customisations available in the upcoming iOS 14 including all new facial and muscle structures for more expressiveness, and 11 new hairstyles plus headwear!

Happy World Emoji Day!

Oh, and it’s today, because Apple’s emoji for Calendar had July 17 on it:)