Those stubbly faced men who are faced with the trim more often than a shave would appreciate the lack of products aimed directly at them. It’s either a full beard care or the full face shave that’s the target. This is exactly the target for the new Gillette range called King C Gillette.

Named after the founding father of the company King Camp Gillette – this is a range of product aimed at grooming for the man with a bit of facial hair or a beard always in need of a trim.

Just because you chose the somewhat lazy option of going for a beard of some sort, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the same pride in your appearance.

Gillette boss Gary Coombe said “We’re excited to announce the launch of the King C. Gillette range – the first complete line up of products & tools designed for men with facial hair. Our founder King C. Gillette revolutionized the male grooming experience more than a century ago, and so it is fitting that this new brand bears his name. All men have their own grooming styles and rituals which is personal to them, and so we’ve put all our years of shaving experience together with the very best razor, hair and skin care technologies to create this full range of tools, accessories and care products to meet all the at-home grooming needs of all men. It’s the one-stop shop for grooming that men have been looking for.”

There’s three sections in the range, with all the products featuring a premium look to the packaging.

Shave & Edge:

  • Double Edge Safety Razor and blade refills – an icon of style for precise edges $29.90
  • Neck Razor – designed for sensitive skin to shave neck and cheeks $29.90
  • Transparent Shave Gel – designed for styling, infused with white tea $11.90


  • Beard trimmer – cordless with 3 interchangeable combs, for all beard styles $59.90


  • Beard & Face Wash (350ml) – refreshing cleanser infused with coconut water $19.90
  • Soft Beard Balm (100ml) – conditioning balm with cocoa butter $19.90
  • Beard Oil (30ml) – with argan oil to soften facial hair $19.90

The entire range is exclusive to Coles, and is a nice way to show yourself, let alone your partnered beardo that you care about the grooming.

I’ve been testing them out for the last month, and more than anything it’s great to be spending the time to make the effort – rather than ‘just’ trim, actually take care on the edges. And using a razor to shave the neck not just a trimmer without the guard on. Makes you feel like you’ve put some effort in.