One of the stumbling blocks for many people getting their first home security camera is plain and simple the cost.

A good basic system will set you back over $700, but you don’t really know what it’s like to have a camera and why it’s a valuable investment.

To create an opportunity for people to get their first camera for a whole lot less Arlo has announced the Essential Spotlight Camera for $229.

The camera does not require a base station or any additional cameras, it connects directly to your WiFi and has many of the existing Arlo features including the Arlo App and access to the Arlo Smart AI technology.

It’s a 1080 Full HD resolution camera with the tiny spotlight which not only creates a little light around the camera but improves the picture in low-light.

100% wire-free, and able to be used inside or outside this is the perfect entry to the security market.

At our first glance, it has the design of the Arlo Pro 3 and Ultra products, but a shape similar to the Pro and Pro 2. The battery is also not removable. Instead it’s charged via Micro USB.

You could keep the single camera ongoing, or if you get a taste for it, expand with a bigger Arlo system depending on your needs.

For front door or back-door monitoring with real-time views via the Arlo App – the Essential Spotlight is launching in Australia for $229.