Today is a big day for Greg Rust – his baby turns 50. Not his daughters, his podcast. Rusty’s Garage is one of the great podcasts for motoring and motor-racing lovers and over the last 50 episodes has hosted some fabulous guests. To celebrate the 50th, Rusty chats with Aussie comedian, movie star and rev head Eric Bana.

While some of the great epsiodes for me are Mark Skaife, Neil Crompton, Mark Larkham and Mark Webber, looking back at the list of guests Rusty has genuinely pulled together something special for Aussie car nuts.

The show isn’t just a walk through the career of the guest – it’s a chat about a love of cars, intermingled with some reflections on their career.

Eric Bana is no exception. Kicking off the chat talking about a movie he’s working on about the great, but probably under-respected Mike Hailwood, Bana’s passion for the art of movie making seems as deep as his passion for cars.

Of course most people will know Bana from Chopper, or The Castle, but car nuts know his XB Falcon which starred in his documentary movie “The Beast”. In the 50th episode of Rusty’s Garage Bana reflects on that movie, the process of rebuilding The Beast (spoiler – he pranged it) and how his passion for that car doesn’t transfer over to just any Coupe.

There’s a stack of stories in the show, but perhaps the funniest is Eric recalling reading the script of “The Castle” and assuming it was all a joke on him – worth a listen.

Two years on since launching, Rusty’s Garage has had over three million downloads and is a genuine credit to our mate Greg Rust – his passion for the cars and the guests interest in them is clear through the amount of research he does for each and every show – even for the biggest names in the game.

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