Google and Adobe have announced a new collaboration which is aimed at making it easier for you to work with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Spark content with .new domains.

The new collaboration uses Google’s existing ownership of the .new Top Level Domain (TLD) in website addresses. Google first took advantage of the .new domains by adding shortcuts to create new Google Docs by simply typing, or into the address bar of your browser to easily create new Google Docs, Slides or Spreadsheets and now you can do it with Adobe products.

According to Adobe on their blog about the new feature:

Anyone can now simply type into your browser to easily create a free Adobe Acrobat PDF from any Microsoft Office or image file, or to create a PDF form that you can fill, sign, save, and send. Users can also visit to convert a JPG to a PDF or reduce the size of PDFs though

And, if you want to easily create stand out social media content with Adobe Spark Post, we’ve got that covered too. Just type into the browser and you’re immediately taken into Spark where you can unleash your creative potential’.

Google has been adding in more .new extensions since they launched the TLD, with vendors such as eBay taking advantage of URLs related to their business with and\.

You can try out the new Adobe Acrobat an Adobe Spark URL’s above, or check out even more .new domains at