Dual-display and foldable phones are all the rage these days, and LG is head of the class, at least in the dual-display mobile market. They’re upping their game again with a leak of an upcoming design labelled the LG Wing, showing what they can do with dual-display form factors.

Rather than the traditional clamshell design we’ve seen on dual-display phones previously, LG will go for a T-shaped design with the Wing. In a 10 second video leak acquired by Android Authority, the phone is shown off being used in a car mount with navigation on the main screen while the second screen to the side displays music controls – check it out:

There’s not a lot to go on, but Korean news site ETNews reported on this T-shaped concept earlier this year saying the phone would have a 6.8-inch main display, with the secondary screen equating to a 4-inch display, with a nearly 1 to 1 aspect ratio – their initial mockup is a little different but looks very similar.

Under the hood it sounds like the 765G processor from Qualcomm will be on board, which is not a terrible idea given how well it performed in the LG Velvet. 

LG has been producing dual-screen phones, or at least cases which turn their phones into dual-display devices for some time, but this is a new, and frankly interesting take on it. There’s going to be some push by LG needed to get this phone into the hands of the smartphone market, but it’s far from your run of the mill dual-display phone, and I like that they’re trying something new.