A few weeks ago, I reviewed Olight’s pocket-sized S2R Baton II torch which is a great little unit. Now It’s time to review their flagship Javelot Pro!

Pumping out 2100 lumens, this is one serious torch. The first evening I had it in hands I turned it on in the street just to have a look. I would like to apologise to anyone having dinner at the local club bistro who was blinded for a few seconds. This thing is amazing.

It’s taken me a few weeks to line up a good time to go and have a proper play and what better time than one of Sydney’s wettest and coldest nights.

The Javelot Pro was as impressive as I had imagined. I took my 2-cell D Maglite along for comparison, and well, the Maglite looked like a candle compared to the Javelot.

Olight claim this torch can throw a whopping 1.08km’s at 2100 lumens. So, in a nearby national park I shone it across some valleys. The ridge line opposite me was just over 800m away and I could clearly see the beam bouncing off the distant trees.

There are 4 brightness modes:

  • Turbo – 2100 lumens for 5 min bursts before it cuts back to 1000 lumens to avoid overheating.
  • High – 600 lumens for 5 hours
  • Medium – 150 lumens for 23 hours
  • Low – 15 lumens for 8 days straight

Obviously, the distance it can throw is relevant to the mode you’re in, but even at 600 lumens it can throw 540m!

It comes standard with a 7000 mAh battery that recharges with a magnetic USB cable supplied.

Made for hunting, security, outdoor adventure and blinding people eating schnitzels at the end of your street. This torch comes in a Pelican style waterproof hard case with a few different kits available, including coloured filters, holsters, brackets and more.

The basic kit will set you back. $279.95 with case, charging cable and holster.

There is a reason this torch is Olight’s flagship and most popular unit across Australia and beyond. It’s F&$%@ng amazing!

Available from Olight’s website. Check their socials for regular sales and limited release versions of their popular torches.