I don’t claim to be a whiskey whisperer, in fact my first crack at a sip didn’t go great. Perhaps my tastes are much more exclusive?

Enter the Wild Turkey Master’s Keep series – and their latest limited edition release – “Bottled in Bond”.

The Bottled in Bond label means this bourbon is the product of a single distilling season, from a single distillery – and it’s been aged in a federally bonded warehouse. Then, “artfully” bottled at 100 proof.

Yep, 50% alcohol by volume, this is a special one.

This Master’s Keep Bottled in Bond is a 17-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey – only the second Wild Turkey to carry that bottled-in-bond label.

Here’s how Wild Turkey describes it: “an enticing taste and aroma of toasted oak, apple and dark cherry highlighted by the sweet confectionery flavors of vanilla, brown sugar and toffee. “

Going on to say “the enjoyable, lingering finish is complete with dark notes of mocha, smoke and spice.”

At $250 a bottle, it’s the gift for a very special Dad that’s for sure.