Innovation comes in so many ways, and with the global pandemic, we’ve seen so many great uses of technology. The Aura Aware is one such innovation, working to help businesses manage the new normal acting as a COVID Cop for social distancing.

It’s really quite simple. Right now you’ve seen plastic screens and A4 printed signs stuck up at service counters, along with gaffer tape on the floor all reminding us to step back and keep our social distance.

Aura Aware is a more elegant and high tech solution. Priced at $395 it’s not cheap, but it can sit on the counter at a bakery, grocery store or airline check-in counter allowing a very visual reminder to people approaching the counter to maintain their social distance.

Inside the unit is a Raspberry Pi computer and a LiDar sensor. Together they work to do the simplest thing. Detect the distance to the object in front of the sign, and shine a set of LED lights Green or Red depending on the distance.

There’s even an app for the Aura Aware which allows you to set a custom distance measurement.

It’s all powered by a Micro USB cable, and draws so little power you can run it off a portable power bank.

Simple, easy, the Aura Aware is your Covid Cop!

Available in Australia from Kleen Freek