As part of their continued efforts to grow their fixed-line broadband customer base, Vodafone has cut the prices of their NBN plans and offered additional incentives to existing Vodafone Mobile customers to join Vodafone’s NBN.

Their new plans start at $58 for the nbn 25 plan, while the 50 speed plan comes in at $69.

The top speed 100 plan is priced at $89 per month, though existing Vodafone Mobile (postpaid) customers will get $10 a month off the 50 or 100 plan prices.

That means a Vodafone mobile customer can get the most popular NBN speed (50) for under $60 a month – and these plans still offer unlimited data.

Vodafone’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ben McIntosh, said that Vodafone spearhead more value and better choice for mobile customers and now it’s time to take this to fixed broadband market.

“There has never been a better time to revaluate your broadband plan – to look for the most affordable way to get the speed you need,” he said.

“Over 6 million Australians 2 say they are unlikely to switch even though they know they can get a better deal. People are losing out on up to $480 of savings every year.”

Galaxy research shows most people are dissatisfied with their home internet with speed being the biggest complaint, followed by reliability and cost.

Sadly, most people say they are unlikely to switch – DESPITE knowing there are better deals out there.  I mean – come on people!

It seems though, the process of switching is the issue – with 57% of Aussies more likely to switch if the process was made easier.

Lots of work to do for all the telcos in a very crowded market.