While other companies seem to be stumbling through 2020, Samsung continues full steam ahead with the final link in their smartphone lineup chain getting a refresh – announcing the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Coming in at the same eye-watering price of $2,999 the Galaxy Fold 2 goes a hell of a long way to addressing the shortcomings of it’s game-changing and innovative predecessor.

Product shots of the new device in Bronze

Samsung Australia’s Garry McGregor told EFTM the company looked at all the feedback from last year’s device in developing this phone, saying “I can reassure you that everything that was written about the original Fold was read, understood and we responded to it.”

“Screen, Durability, the ability to multitask and availability of the product”, as well as 5G, were the key issues addressed by Samsung in developing the Galaxy Fold 2 he said.

What’s new about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Lots, but not everything. At a glance, it’s a very similar device, but once you power it on there are a few very obvious differences.

Ahh that bigger front screen feeling.

Firstly that tiny 4.6 inch screen that looked awkward on the front of the original fold is upgraded to a stunning 6.2 inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 which takes up a proportionally better amount of the front of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 opened in a V

With a hole-punch front camera, it looks so much more like a real smartphone, though it’s still very narrow for typing and such – but that may not get in most people’s way.

In flex mode while working

Open it up, and unfolded there’s a surprise on the inside too. Out with the 7.3 inches and in with 7.6inches – who says size doesn’t matter?

And perhaps most importantly, there’s no awkward camera cut out. Smaller bezels all round and an hole punch in the screen for the camera – hey presto – now we’re talking Samsung.

Browsing a website with the device open

The screen has an adaptable refresh rate ranging from 11Hz (for your eBooks) up to 120Hz for gaming and movie viewing.

Under the hood, or the hinge to be more precise, is a new geared mechanism with sweepers to protect the hinge and tighter mechanisms to allow for a half-open style display – like the Galaxy Z Flip, this can be sat open as a way to watch content or use the camera – they call this Flex Mode.

Folded shut in the hand

The Tablet Screen

Taking into account user feedback, Samsung have added a layout option on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 for users to choose how things like the settings menu appear.

Choose from 420dpi, 480dpi or 540dpi for an icon and menu layout more like your smartphone, or more like a tablet – your choice.

Critically, without that corner cut out for the camera, this really does look more like a tablet when opened.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Camera Capabilities

Good luck finding a device with more camera locations than the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. There’s the front selfie camera, the inside selfie camera and the rear camera array that looks straight from the Galaxy S20.

Open in Flex Mode taking a photo

Two key things jump out at me about these changes. Firstly, in Flex Mode, like on the Z Flip, you can position the camera to step back from the device and compose your shot for a great on-location selfie.

Additionally, Samsung has made it possible to activate the screens in any mode, so using the rear camera, you can unfold the phone and use what is the front screen to frame your selfie but use the powerful rear camera lenses for the shot.

Using the rear camera as a selfie camera

More S class features get added too, with Single Take and Night mode making this an extremely capable camera.

Here are the camera specs for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2:

Cover Camera 10MP Selfie Camera : F2.2, Pixel size: 1.22μm, FOV: 80˚ 
Front Camera 10MP Selfie Camera: F2.2, Pixel size: 1.22μm, FOV: 80˚ 
Rear Triple Camera 12MP Ultra Wide Camera : F2.2 ,Pixel size: 1.12μm, FOV : 123˚  12MP Wide-angle Camera : Super Speed Dual Pixel AF, OIS, F1.8, Pixel size: 1.8μm, FOV: 83˚ 12MP Telephoto Camera : PDAF, F2.4, OIS, Pixel size: 1.0μm, FOV: 45˚ Dual OIS, 0.5x out and 2x in optical zoom, Up to 10x digital zoom, HDR10+ recording, Tracking AF 

Folding Innovation

While it may look the same, it appears Samsung has gone to great lengths to improve the hinge here, an almost all-new mechanism for both the folding process, but also the care required.

Brushes to sweep the hinge area ensuring no dust or debris can enter and ruin your folding experience.

Watching YouTube with the Fold 2 open in Flex Mode

Likewise all the software innovations that ensure a faster and more immediate app continuity between fold and unfolded forms, and better use of the partially folded screen mode.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Weight and Dimensions

There are improvements here, but perhaps not enough to make this a really comfortable device.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 weighs in at 282grams. 6 grams more than last year – so – lets call it even.

It is however, slightly bigger, but slightly thinner.

At 68mm it’s wider in folded form, and it’s a touch shorter top to bottom.

Opened up, it’s wider but shorter, but just under a milimeter thinner.

Folded, it’s thinner at 13.8mm down from 15.7mm at the hinge.

Made for 2020

In a time when we’re working from home, working from new locations and trying to do more with our time – the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might just be perfectly timed.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 open with multitasking windows

Multi-tasking in three windows including drag and drop capabilities and powerful enough to be your workhorse portable device – this really could be two devices in one.

Productivity starts with taking advantage of what it offeres.

Australian Availability and Price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Pre-orders commence next Wednesday September 9, with the device going on sale on Friday 25th September.

It’s coming to Australia in two colours, Mystic Bronze and Black, both at $2,999.

Web: Samsung Australia