We all love fast mobile data, and lots of it, but hitting the 1.5Mbps maximum data speed once you reach your monthly cap on ‘Unlimited Plans’ in Australia is no fun. Vodafone is changing the game though with new Infinite Plans which will let you choose how fast your downloads are once you hit your monthly cap.

There are five Infinite Plans to choose from in the new range, offered as SIM-only or with a new phone on a 12, 24- or 36-month interest free mobile payment plan.

The choice of plan is defined by how much included data you want each month at full speed, and what speed you are comfortable with after you use up that data.

Arthur Panos, General Manager of Product and Devices said Vodafone Infinite plans offer a tailored solution to keep customers connected in a way that suits them. “We are moving beyond the simple data allowance concept and giving our customers a usage experience that suits their needs and delivers peace of mind that they can stay connected in a way that works for them even if they happen to go over their Max Speed data.”

Speeds range from 2Mbps on the Lite/Lite+ plans, which is enough to stream music, check social media or browse the web. You can step up to 10Mbps on the Super/Super+ plans which is enough for video calling or HD video streaming. Finally you can choose to get up to 25Mbps on their Ultra plan which is suited for cloud storage use says Vodafone.

As you can see, each of the Lite, Super and Ultra plans include a decent amount of data ranging from 10GB for the $40 Lite plan, through to 150GB on the $120 Ultra plan. Vodafone is currently bumping up the included data cap on each plan as an introductory special.

It’s a good option for customers wanting to level up from the 1.5Mbps ‘unlimited’ speed on offer from Australian telcos after you eat your way through your monthly data cap. You can check out the new Vodafone Infinite Plans on their website now.