If you’ve watched a music video online, chances are it was from premium music video provider Vevo. Music videos from Vevo is available on a number of platforms including YouTube, Apple TV, and now: Telstra TV.

The new partnership between Vevo and Telstra will include a new app for Telstra TV for users to watch classic, as well as the latest music videos from a library of 450,000 entries.

Vevo on Telstra TV

As part of the launch Telstra has pointed to the new normal we’re all adjusting to, which has meant a severe lack of live music available globally. Telstra says ‘fans are increasingly turning to premium music videos to discover new artists, keep up with their current favorites (sic), and reminisce with their past’ – and with 450,000 videos available, there’s plenty to choose from.

As well as offering all the latest movies, TV and more, Telstra TV has over forty apps now available for download including Kayo, Binge, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Plex, and Kanopy.

You can get a hold of Telstra TV directly from Telstra either outright for $216, or added to your monthly plan for $9 per month over 24 months.