Aussie company Audiofly are back with their latest headphones, the second generation of their true wireless product, the Audiofly AFT2. Four colours, a bold design packed with pro-quality tech delivering an amazing sound.

Here’s the crazy thing. They’re just $199.

Now, they are not active noise canceling headphones so don’t try put them into that category, and without that the price starts to look solid, in the mid to high end of the true wireless space.

Audiofly AFT2 headphones in their case

Having used these for well over a month now, I’m pretty comfortable saying what they do well, and what falls short.

Design of the Audiofly AFT2 headphones

These aren’t as small as the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, nor are they as big or stick out as much as Bose or perhaps even Sony’s in-ear’s do.

But their large design comes from Audiofly’s pro-gear background. This is a solid design for in-ear monitors for musicians and such, so they’ve taken the personally fitted part of that design out, and found a universal look and model.

Close up of the Audiofly AFT2 headphone in ear

They fit, they fit well. Strangely, they are stunningly light, and while they feel like they might fall out, they never do. And you know I’ve had that problem before.

There are two tip sizes included, getting that right is critical, and from there just trust that despite their ridiculously light weight (5.2 grams), they’re rock solid.

Trevor Long wearing the Audiofly AFT2 headphones

As a nod to their Aussie backgrounds, the team at Audiofly have created four colours for the Audiofly AFT2’s, Gum Leaf, Sunset, Sand and Granite which they say paytribute to the “rich landscape of Australia”.

I went with Sunset, because hey, If you’re gunna stand out, stand out.

Audiofly AFT2 Sound Quality

The 6mm Dynamic Driver inside delivers something I rarely hear – pure, crisp, clear sound.

A single Audiofly AFT2 earphone held in the fingers

Sound companies have created a style for themselves, we know which brands to expect bass from, which ones have a tuning they love, but it seems to me Audiofly just let the music do the talking.

At times I think I wanted more Bass, but then I thought – did the artist want more Bass?

Perhaps I’m hearing things more as the tunes were intended than ever before. Really nice sound.

Two Audiofly AFT2 earphones held in the palm of a hand

But, for those who do love a tone or sound profile, these probably aren’t for you.

Battery Life expectations for the AFT2’s

On there own there’s a staggering 10 hours of play time on this babies. Not surprising given the size, but they weigh 5grams, where is the battery in that?? Amazing.

Audiofly AFT2 earbuds outside their charging case

The case stores another 25 hours, that’s 35 hours in total. Crazy good value.

Where they fall short

The Audiofly AFT2 headphones feature Qualcomm cVc technology, this is not made to make your listening experience better, instead it’s made for phone calls, ensuring that you’re heard better at the other end.

The few times I tried it, the reports from the other end were not glowing, so these at best are as good as any other in-ear headphones at making calls, and that is to say I’d prefer to hold the phone up to my ear.

Good news, who the hell makes phone calls these days anyway:)

Should you buy the Audiofly AFT2 headphones?

The only reason not to is if you make a lot of phone calls, frankly.

They’ll withstand rain and sweat with an IPX-5 water resistance too.

Audiofly AFT2 retail packaging with the headphone case sat in front of it

I’ve never had such lightweight earphones that produce such an amazing sound.

Audiofly is an Aussie company, so the products are designed and engineered here, that’s a huge thing.

The Audiofly AFT2 headphones are available now for $199, at Store DJ, Mannys Music and soon at Amazon, eBay and Miint Gear.