We live in crazy times, for the first time since they were created in 1994 the world really knows what a QR Code is, and how to use them. Which is why they are the perfect solutions for cafes, restaurants, pubs, or any place where people are visiting for more than a few minutes to ensure you’re operating in a COVID safe way. This is a guide to create a QR Code for your business in 10 minutes.

And it’s free.

NOTE: NSW Businesses should create a SERVICE NSW code for their patrons to use – instructions here

When my mum’s pub was required not just to have people write their name and number down, but to have that information stored digitally within 24 hours we faced the decision to close the pub, or find a solution. The solution was a QR Code that links to a simple Google Form to take registrations.

What is a QR Code?

QR stands for QUICK RESPONSE. It used to be you needed QR Reader app to read them, but today, on modern smartphones opening your camera and pointing it at a QR code will create a pop up link to the website.

Every QR code is unique. It’s amazing, they can be programmed to link to a website, an app, email, even a phone number.

Today, with COVID Safety at front of mind, they are the perfect solution to a simple “checkin” at a cafe or bar so contact tracing is made simple.

How to create a QR code for my business:

This will seem daunting, but it isn’t. I literally just did this in seven minutes. Pace yourself and perhaps it’s a twenty minute job.

Here’s how to create a QR code for your business step by step:

Goto Google Forms – http://forms.google.com

You will need a Google account to login here, they are free to create if you don’t already have one.

Click “Start a new form”

Customise your Form.

These are the details your patrons and visitors will see when they checkin.

Customise the Questions

Click on Question 1, and choose SHORT ANSWER as the type

Make the first question “Your Name”, and change “Required” to be ON.

Now Duplicate the first question

The Second Question should be Phone Number

Name your Form

Click up the top left corner on “Untitled Form”

It will automatically use the name of the form you entered in the heading:

Enable Response collection

Up the top of page, click Responses

Create a Spreadsheet

Now click the Green icon labelled “Create Spreadsheet”

Simply click CREATE and your new spreadsheet will be created.

It will look empty, except for the headings, one for each question, as well as a default “Timestamp” showing when the submission was made.

Preview your form

Back on the Form creation window, click the three dots, or the eye and choose Preview

A New window will open, this is exactly what your visitors will see when they sign in.

Enter your own details as a test, and submit

Check the Details are Saved in the spreadsheet

You can do this on your spreadsheet window

Next up, you need an address for the form. Click the Send icon:

Choose the LINK option

Then Shorten URL, and COPY that link to your clipboard.

Create the QR Code

Now that you have a form, and a website address for the form, head to QRCODE Monkey to create your free QR Code:

Paste your Form website address:

Then click GENERATE QR CODE, once it refreshes, click DOWNLOAD PNG;

This will save the QR Code to your computer

Test the code

Once downloaded, open the file on your screen, and point your smartphone camera or QR code reader app at the code:

You should see the popup to your link, tap that, and your form will appear.

Check the Response worked

Test it, Test it, Test it – it’s important to test it before releasing to the public.

Head to Google Sheets, and click on your form responses spreadsheet

You should see all tests in order of first to last.

That’s it – you’re done.

Now print the QR code out, with a notice that all patrons must sign in, and you’re done!

Check it, Regularly.

Every now and then, check your Spreadsheet for entries, ensuring all is running well.

Clear it, Daily.

Once you’ve got 14 days worth of information there, delete the oldest day every day. Do this, like in Excel, by highlighting the rows, then right clicking and choosing Delete Rows.

That’s it.

Keeping you safe, keeping your customers safe, and ensuring contact tracing is easy for the hard working people with that tough job to track the virus down when it’s in our community.