In NSW, the State Government has determined that all businesses should move to the government run Service NSW QR code system, this decision is mandatory for hospitality venues and hairdressers, but should be adopted by all as soon as possible.

Given the popularity of our Creating a QR Code guide published earlier, we wanted to make all the links you need available and outline the process of updating your business to the Service NSW QR code system.

How do I create a Service NSW QR Code?

Early on in the COVID pandemic the business owner needed a Service NSW login and the process was a bit more complex. Today, it’s really as simple as setting up a COVID Safe plan for your business, lodging this with Service NSW.

Once received, you’ll get an email with all the information you need.

This email is critical, because not only does it contain a link to view and print your QR code, but also to update your COVID Safety plan, and also access the web-based checkin.

Help me make a COVID-19 Safety Plan for my business

Ok, so this feels complex, but it’s not. Set aside 20-30 minutes, and you’ll be done.

A COVID-19 Safety plan is your answers to around 30 questions. You answer these questions based on how you will respond in your own business.

Firstly, go to Service NSW, on this page you can choose your specific industry and see a sample plan, or choose the General Safety Plan and get started.

The General Safety plan asks you 27 questions, as well as your contact information.

Don’t rush this, it’s important to answer with your own response to the issue. You will need to print this plan at the end, and keep it at your premises.

You will also need to share this with any staff, include it as part of your training, and also use this as a guide for how Visitors should be handled at your premises.

It really does seem complex, but it’s not.

How do I view my Businesses Service NSW QR Code?

After you completed your COVID Safety Plan online, you will have received two emails from Service NSW.

The first one contains a copy of your plan. This is for you to print and keep at your premises.

The second email – subject “COVID Safe Check – Welcome” – will contain a link which is titled “Your COVID Safe resources including your badge, posters and unique QR code can be downloaded”

Follow that link and on this page are all the tools you need. COVID Safe images, posters and your own unique QR code.

How do people checkin with Service NSW if they don’t have a smartphone?

If you run a pub, club or other hospitality venue where you are required to use Service NSW QR codes and your patrons are required to checkin for entry, you might come across some people who just don’t have a smartphone.

In that case, it is your responsibility to ensure their visit is recorded Digitally. Rather than maintaining a seperate system, it’s really quite easy.

Refer back to that email you received with “Resources” and click the link for your QR code.

On that same page is an “Online Concierge Form” which allows you the business owner to check them in on your phone, tablet or computer.