How to change your Instagram icon to the original! Happy Birthday Instagram

You might have seen people sharing their excitement about this little feature, or you might be looking for that cool thing to show your mates that you’re ahead of the curve – yes, it’s the old-school Instagram icon!

A secret little feature was added to the most recent Instagram app update allowing you to change the very Instagram icon you see to launch the Instagram app.

Celebrating 10 years of Instagram, they’ve decided to allow you to choose from older versions of the Instagram Icon, or some more colourful or plain version too.

How to change the Instagram Icon:

1. Open Instagram

2. Click on your profile

3. Click on the three horizontal lines up the top right of the page

4. Click SETTINGS on the pop up menu

5. Pull down on the page, you will see a few little emojis. Keep pulling down, maybe use a second finger, but, drag the page down and….

6. CONGRATULATIONS – you’ve unlocked the hidden Icon feature.

7. Click the Icon you want, and then OK

When you return to your home screen, the old icon:

Will be replaced by that new “old” icon:

It’s that easy.

On Android phones, it’s the same process, but instead of changing the standard Instagram Icon, it only creates a shortcut on your home screen – still pretty cool!

Looks good, a flashback for us oldies really.

How to change your Instagram icon to the original! Happy Birthday Instagram
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