Home batteries will be the biggest thing in home upgrades over the next five to ten years following the huge Aussie trend toward solar, Batteries offer storage for that power you generate for you to then use at night and one of the biggest names in batteries is getting in on the game with the Energizer Homepower battery launching in Australia.

Sure there are other brands on the market like Sonnen, or even big names like Tesla but you try and tell me the Energizer brand doesn’t have huge pulling power and sales force when it puts itself alongside those with the Energizer Homepower here in Australia.

Energizer Homepower logo and product

Home batteries allow homes fitted with Solar panels to maximise their return on investment by utilising more of the generated power at the home rather than relying on the grid at peak times.

Wider unit showing expanded Energizer Homepower system

The Energizer Homepower has a nice sleek design, with a 6.1kWh capacity, but as with all these systems can be expanded to connect to additional storage if needed.

And it’s all controlled and monitored via an easy to use app.

Energizer Homepower app showing on a smartphone

Tigran Aganesov, boss of Aussie distributor Entel Holdings says “Energizer® Homepower is well-positioned to give homeowners a premium option that utilises smart technology to give control back to rooftop solar customers, enabling homeowners to store and use their solar energy more effectively,”

“The Energizer® Homepower solar battery combines Energizer’s performance and reliability – as the maker of the world’s longest-lasting AA battery1 – with smart features that significantly shorten the time for a return on investment.

“The batteries also look incredible, a great fit for any home. The system’s weatherproof design also makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor installation,” Mr Aganesov said.

Energizer Homepower unit shown on its own in black

Energizer Homepower batteries come with a 10 year warranty and should cost between $7500 and $8500 depending on installation complexity.

Web: www.energizerhomepower.com