Telstra isn’t known for it’s price cuts, lets be honest about that, so for them to come out and offer a $50 per month discount on their $115 per month 180GB XL plan.

That means, for $65 a month, the price of their current Medium plan, you’ll get 180GB per month, every month.

The offer lasts for 12 months, and does not appear to be linked to any contract, or phone purchase requirements.


It’s almost insanity – but hey, if it’s on the table, take it.

I’m paying $65 a month for 80GB so a simple upgrade means 100GB more data, same price.

The only catch is to remember that in 12 months you need to switch back down to a different plan or pay the price.

Right now the deal is available on the Telstra website, though it’s not showing yet in the MyTelstra app.

You have until November 16 to take the deal!

Telstra’s Michael Ackland says “We’re giving customers more data for less with this offer and it’s perfectly timed as new 5G devices hit the market so people can try Telstra 5G for themselves and see why it’s Australia’s best 5G.”

“With Telstra 5G now available in more than 60 cities and towns, along with more 5G devices hitting the market, this offer is perfectly timed. Telstra is giving customers a big discount on big data allowances for the next 12 months so people can try Telstra 5G for themselves.”

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