I’ve been a fan of Nanoleaf since their original light panels launched, which still today sit nicely in my man-cave at home. Today, the product has evolved greatly, and their entire Shapes range really opens up a new level of creativity for users.

First came the Hexagons, a large Nanoleaf panel, which used a new style of clip in not slide in connector. Today, the Shapes range expands with Triangles and Mini Triangles.

The Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles look the same as the original Aurora but have all the newer tech like touch sensitivity and the new connectors built in.

Most importantly, the Hexagons, Triangles and Mini Triangles all work together.

This means instead of sharp corners around a design, you can fill those gaps with Mini’s – or create all new shapes with the combination.

Here’s what my Son Jackson created for his room:

Impossible with any of the previous kits, or one set of Shapes alone.

If you buy starter kits for each, you get power and controller for each, so can then use combinations of all across many – we used left over Hexagons for a bit of light under my Lego display:

But the important thing here is, the possibilities are endless.

Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf says “Nanoleaf’s vision for the Shapes Line is to give users the complete design freedom to create their most personal lighting experience yet. Smart lighting is about pushing the boundaries of possibility and that is exactly what we wanted to offer with our Shapes Line,”

“With the addition of Triangles and Mini Triangles, we’re allowing users to explore and create the optimal lighting for their needs. Bringing together smart technology and thoughtful design, the Shapes Line leads the Smart Decor category for a lighting experience that truly has no limits.”

Nanoleaf’s app is good, but not great in terms of setup, it gets you going but you really need to sit back and learn its ins and outs to really get the most from the panels.

You can set scenes, colours and such to suit you – like the EFTM logo colours:) Or relaxation or concentration.

Jackson has a sleep setting using red lights which aids a healthy sleep.

Installation is really easy, a new snap on mechanism with easily removed non-damaging tape is great.

Design your layout on the floor, then start with one panel and work your way around building it all on the wall. Very cool.

And the snap lock fittings are also a major improvement on the original slide-in system found on Aurora and Canvas.

Panels can be touched to react and also double tap to turn off. Really simple, really smart, really awesome for the creative minded.

You can get Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon as a starter kit for $349 with 9 panels, a 5 pack expansion is $229 and 3 extras is $119.

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles go on sale at the end of this month for the same $349 starter price for 9, a 4 Triangle starter pack is $199, the 3 triangle expansion pack is $119.

Mini Triangles start at $189 for a 5 triangle pack, a 10 mini triangle expansion is just $119.

The biggest problem I have is that with a big J in Jackson’s room, Victoria and Harri are now wanting their own, plus I have four other shelves of Lego. Some serious additions are coming to our house me thinks:)