TPG Telecom, the company which comprises the now merged VHA and TPG, has today announced a new mobile service called felix, which will be run on 100% renewable energy.

The claims of 100% renewable is in line with a shift in attitudes in the community towards renewable energy. The claims of 100% renewable energy have also been put to the test, with felix certified as a Carbon Neutral service by the Australian Government’s Climate Active initiative.

felix is the first step in the merged company’s sustainability focus, and we’re taking this step to reduce the environmental impact from mobile phone use‘ says TPG Telecom Chief Executive Officer Iñaki Berroeta, who noted that environmental sustainability is important to the company, as well as customers, shareholders and the community.

There’s not a lot of details on what plans felix will offer when it launches. TPG Telecom says that plans are to be announced in the coming weeks in the lead up to launch, so watch this space.

You will still need a SIM card to use felix, however all other interactions will be app based. The move to using an app is in response to trends seen since COVID which Mr Berroeta says has accelerated the consumer trend away from retail and call centres. The service will be ‘Seamless, sustainable and simple’, three key things their research has found customers want.

We’ll see more on felix in the coming weeks, but it appears that it may possibly be a discount option similar to the Belong brand on Telstra. Competition in this space is always good, so we can’t wait to see what TPG Telecom has to offer through their felix brand.