Arlo nailed the security camera market a couple of years ago with solid well performing wireless cameras. Those have continued to improve year on year but the smart home security game is more than just cameras, and Video Doorbells are an important part of that growing market.

Arlo’s Video Doorbell came out earlier this year, but was aimed at people with an existing wired doorbell. Trying to get it fitted to my own home wasn’t easy, so I opted to stick with the Arlo Audio Doorbell, which when paired with an Arlo camera at the front door does a fantastic job.

However, catering to both the new to home security market, and the existing arlo users, a new Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell is coming.

Carrying the “Essential” brand means it won’t require a base station and will connect direct via WiFi, but it will be battery powered and offer the wide and square viewing angle that ensures you don’t just see who’s there, but you can see a parcel at their feet too.

At $329 it’s priced competitively in the Video Doorbell space, and will be a huge win for existing Arlo users, as well as capitalising on the Arlo brand among new users browing the stores.

“In today’s world, having a smart video doorbell at your front door is more valuable than ever,” said Brad Little, Vice President & Managing Director here in Australia

“Unlike other video doorbells that can lag in response time, our new Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell leverages the latest hardware and software advancements for swift, comprehensive monitoring. Industry-leading picture and audio quality combined with our AI-based subscription service, Arlo Smart, enable complete front door protection. Users can receive smart notifications and secure, simple access via the Arlo App, allowing them to quickly and easily live stream or respond to guests.”

Here’s a stack of features coming in the Arlo Video Doorbell:

  • 180° Viewing Angle: Optimised for the front door with a 1:1 aspect ratio so you can see a person from head to toe or a package on the ground
  • Direct-to-Mobile Video Call: Calls your phone directly so you never miss a visitor
  • Multiple Powering Options: Install without wires using the rechargeable battery1, or hardwire to existing wiring for continuous charging2
  • Motion Detection and Alerts: Receive alerts when motion is detected
  • Angle Mount: Easily adjust viewing angle to fully and clearly see visitors
  • 2-Way Audio: Hear what matters with clear, noise-cancelling audio
  • More Ways to Answer: Quick Reply Messages enable users to play pre-recorded messages for instant response to guests
  • Visitor Messaging: Guests can leave you a voice message if you’re unable to answer the door, and you can listen remotely at your convenience
  • HD Video with HDR: Capture vivid detail in bright and dark areas with HDR
  • Night Vision: See who’s at your door at night, even without a light on
  • Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand heat, cold, rain or sun
  • Platform Compatibility: Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT for easy interaction, automation, and control
  • Direct to WiFi: Connects directly to WiFi for simple setup allowing it to function as a standalone home security solution without the need for a separate base station
  • Built-In Smart Siren: Trigger your siren automatically or manually from the Arlo app during an event
  • Silent Mode: Temporarily disable incoming calls, Arlo Chime melodies, and/or traditional chime rings
  • Notifications that Matter: Get alerts when your Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell spots people, vehicles, animals or a package with Arlo Smart via an included three-month trial with rolling 30-day cloud recordings

The Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell will go on sale in December for $329.