I’ve been using an ultra-wide monitor as my go-to daily for some time now, and I can’t recommend it more. Sure two monitors is great, but with ultra-wide you can be much more flexible in your window layout, and today Kogan launched a new 44 inch ultrawide display packed with features.

My first thought was sure, great, 44 inch Kogan monitor – what’s it missing? But in fact, it has features I’ve wanted in my ultra-wide for some time, like picture in picture, or a faster refresh rate.

Kogan’s 44″ ultrawide has a 3840 x 1080 resolution, with a 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, and is freesync compatible.

It’s got HDR so great colour reproduction and better blacks, full USB-C connectivity, but the real cool one for me is Picture in Picture (PiP)

PiP allows you to choose two sources at once on the screen, either side by side or as an inset. This is so rare today on TVs let alone monitors, yet it used to be the cool thing on TVs.

The stand is super adjustable, but it’s also wall-mount compatible.

Currently on Presale for $849, they will ship in early December, and the price will go to it’s normal rate so get in fast.