The eSIM is the way of the future, in fact I forsee a day when there will no longer be a Physical SIM slot in new phones – but relax, it’s a little while off. However, if you are on an eSIM now with any of the telcos, it begs the question, how do I change phones?

It’s not quite as simple as finding that little SIM tray popping tool and grabbing your SIM from one phone and putting it in another. But it is pretty darn easy.

Today, I tested the process using my Telstra eSIM and the MyTelstra app, here’s how you switch your Telstra eSIM from one phone to another.

Firstly, on your NEW phone, set it up as you need, connect to WiFi and download the MyTelstra app

Now open the MyTelstra app and login as normal.

On the main home page, down the bottom, choose SERVICES

If you have multiple services, choose the one you want to transfer, just click on the tile for that service

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Look for the option to “Transfer or restore eSIM”

Remember, we’re doing all this on your NEW phone. So now, choose THIS DEVICE from the Transfer eSIM menu

Ensure you are connected to WiFi

Your phone will open a web window, and sign you in – if sign in isn’t automatic, sign into your Telstra account.

Choose a verification method. This can be your mobile number via SMS if your old phone is with you and working. Otherwise, use email.

Enter the unique code you are sent, then activate.

Here’s where the Telstra system starts handing over to your Device for the activation of your eSIM.

Click download to setup the new plan on your phone.

While it seems redundant, you’ll get a second, very similar message too – “Add Mobile Plan”

You should get some notification that settings have changed.

That’t the bulk of things done. You can click DONE.

To speed things along, turn your NEW phone onto Airplane mode.

And wait for Telstra to send a Text message to your old phone.

Or an email to your email address.

This is the moment you know your service has been moved from one eSIM to another, and you should be good to go.

Now, you can disable Airplane mode, and let the phone find and connect to your new network.

Done! And here’s the thing, check the time on those screenshots – it’s a two minute process!

Very cool.