Please folks, no spoilers, I’m only a few missions into the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War but I can tell you it’s bloody amazing. And as with all great titles there has to be some real-world activation of the brand – this time with the Aussie YouTube sensations at Mighty Car Mods.

These blokes have over 3.4 million subscribers and are down and dirty car nuts at the core.

No wonder then that Call of Duty teamed up with them to turn a cracking little 80’s BMW into a homage to Call of Duty.

The car was kitted out with a retro style Control Screen operating actually on a modern Surface Tablet, but controlled through a good old fashioned keyboard.

Things like a smoke machine, or the number-plate concealer were then installed and made to be operated by “codes” entered into the console. Really cool stuff.

They even built a remote control car to call out the inclusion of RC-XD remote control car. Theirs featured a FPV set of goggles and on-board camera.

Really cool stuff. Well worth the look, both the build:

And testing it all out:

And of course, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now – it’s amazing.

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