LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled their 2023 soundbar line-up prior to CES 2023 in Las Vegas next week.  The new soundbars are designed to complement their 2023 TV line-up, providing powerful audio in a stylish design while offering value for money.

While the LG soundbars will work with any model TV, and when paired with an LG TV, new features such as WOW Orchestra 1 are enabled, creating a soundstage experience with more height, depth, and power to the sound.  The two together also allows listeners to enjoy Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound.

When used with an LG TV, the new LG soundbars’ settings are located in the Home Dashboard on the LG TV allowing you to more easily adjust the soundbar settings. The 2023 soundbar models also support the new WOWCAST for a wireless connection to an LG TV without any degradation of audio quality.

Not only do the new soundbars have an expanded feature set and are easier to use but they offer a new sophisticated design that looks great mounted below any TV, especially the new 2023 LG TVs.  The premium soundbar of the new 2023 soundbar line-up is the LG SC9 is accompanied by a new bracket that allows it to be positioned directly below LG C series OLED TVs, with the bracket attaching to the rear of the TV.

Speaker technology in the 2023 soundbars includes LG’s Triple Sound Technology with Triple Up-Firing Speaker tech.  The improved immersive sound is enhanced with new channel analysis thanks to LG’s HRTF-based 3D engine.

LG has once again included their Triple Sound Optimiser to intelligently boost the new soundbar’s performance, and Smart Up-mixer which upscales two-channel audio into multi-channel surround sound.  The sounders also include AI Sound Pro which adjusts the sound quality and style based on the type of content automatically.

The new soundbars can be used for gaming as well due to their support for VRR to reduce screen tearing and ALLM to eliminate lag while at the same time permitting 4K/120Hz pass-through.

The new LG 2023 soundbar line-up is expected to make it Downunder in 2023 but at this stage availability, pricing and specifications have yet to be determined.  We will provide that information when it comes to hand.  In the meantime, keep an eye on EFTM for all your latest audio-visual news and releases.

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