I know what you’re thinking, for my next Private Jet, I’d love to have a matching Porsche 911 Turbo S. Of course! But not content with just any Jet or 911, Porsche and Embraer have teamed up to produce an exclusive and limited run of “Duet” – matching planes and cars.

As you would.

But honestly, if you’re dropping $14,000,000 on a private jet, you might as well get Porsche’s most stunning sports car to match – right?

The Embraer Phenom 300E is the best selling light Jet in the world, and while it’s an exclusive club, they’ve sold over 50 of them per year for several years.

For your money, you’re not just getting a car to match your plane, this is some serious detail.

The seats feature an embossed version of the specially designed Duet logo. The individual registration of your Jet is also seen on the underside of the 911 Turbo S rear wing, and on both sides of your car key.

Open the door of your Porsche 911, you’ll see a red illuminated NO STEP lettering on the door sill.

And of course there’s a matching Sport Chrono watch, featuring a printed artificial horizon on the stopwatch.

Now that’s attention to detail. And that’s what it’s like to be wealthy – very wealthy.

Oh, and there’s luggage too that matches:)

Now in your Embraer Phenom 300E you can cruise at 464 knots with a single pilot, you and three of your mates and head off 3,724km into the distance.

When you land, fire up the 911 Turbo S and head home.

But did you get a run up the runway?