In our house we’ve got batteries batteries batteries, but working out which ones are charged and who failed to plug them back in to charge is tough. Problem solved with the EFM 10W Wireless Portable Power Bank with Desktop Stand.

This 10,000mAh battery is great for recharging your smartphone, has the usual connections for cables, but is also capable of Qi wireless charging.

On the go you just place your phone on the battery and it’s charging.

But it’s when you get home that the real genius kicks in.

The Portable Power Bank has its own desktop stand. Your battery just sits into its stand and charges – there’s no plugging in, a few small contacts on the bottom click into the base and it’s charging.

Even better, while its charging, you can still charge your phone – because the desktop stand for the battery, is also a stand for your phone.


You’ll find it online at EFM for $129.95

Web: EFM