TPG Telecom, the new Australian Telco born of the merger between Vodafone AU and TPG, has today launched their first offering, a $35 ‘all-you-can-eat’ mobile plan.

The plan gives you unlimited downloads, as well as calls and texts to for just $35 a month. The only limitation on the plan is a 5Mbps data speed cap.

Felix uses the Vodafone 4G/3G network (coverage map here) and, while 5Mbps doesn’t sound huge, it will still allow you to surf the web, as well as stream music and HD Video – though Felix acknowledges that ‘some videos may be slow to start’.

As well as the basic inclusions, Felix is also offering ‘endless International Calls and Text for $5/month’ to over 40 countries. Felix is also looking forward to international travel, once borders open up again, with an International Roaming option for $20, which gives you 4GB of data at 5Mbps, 100 standard mins and 100 standard SMS when you visit one of 40 countries.

TPG Telecom is running Felix a little differently, for a start it’s all carbon neutral, with a tree being planted every month to offset emissions.

To sign up for a plan with Felix you’ll need to grab their mobile app – available for Android and iOS – and once you’ve signed up for a new number, or ported yours across, a Felix SIM card will be express shipped to you.