If you’ve got kids under 15 then you’re probably experiencing the same thing as me – YouTube is all they know when it comes to content, and it’s their measure of Fame as well. Kids today want to be YouTubers. VTECH might just have the perfect gift for the young ones with their KidiZoom Studio camera.

And here’s the thing, this is more than just a camera, it offers much better quality and features than you’d expect for the price – it’s bloody impressive.

The VTech KidiZoom Studio is $99 and we’ve seen it at Target and Myer.

In the box is the camera, a wrist strap, mini tripod and a green screen!

But the real beauty of this thing is that most of the cool stuff it does is done ON the camera. You don’t need software to do it on a computer.

Fun trick shots, the green screen – you name it.

Here’s my Daughter Victoria on her YouTube channel putting it through it’s paces.

Video is 720p, but actually pretty good with good lighting. Stabilisation is non existent so keep it still kids to keep it still on the tripod.

Green screen is fun, really amazing how well that happens on-board the camera, while not perfect, kids will love it – and the trick shots are awesome fun.

For $99 it’s a great Christmas gift idea!