Ever since Google announced the next generation of their AI with Gemini they have slowly launched new AI features to the public.  The latest is a new AI tool that will help you write anything, anywhere within a text box on the web.

Called “Help me write,” the new tool is designed to give you writing suggestions when you write or to refine any existing text you may have already written.  At this stage it can also help with short-form content but seems to be limited in its length so you can be sure EFTM content is still written by humans (as close as we are to that).

Starting on the newly launched Chrome M122 “Help me write” can be used on Mac or PC but only if you reside in the US and use English as the language in your Chrome browser.

Google gave examples on their blog of selling products online or writing a product review (of note, eBay already has an AI generator tool to help you describe your item for sale) and for the lazy this sounds like a great tool.

Those in the US can enable it now by enabling Experimental AI in the settings menu of their Chrome browser.
Although it is only available in the US at this stage if you want to be ready when it arrives Downunder head on over to the help page to learn more.