As 2020 draws ever closer to its end, Sydney’s Olympic Stadium has reverted to its original name Stadium Australia after twelve years as “ANZ Stadium”.

The change took place today on the Stadium’s social media accounts and website, rebranding as Stadium Australia.

Why is ANZ Stadium now called Stadium Australia?

ANZ’s multi-million dollar sponsorship of the 83,000 seat stadium started in 2008 after six years as Telstra Stadium.

The bank’s deal was extended several times during the last 12 years, but appears to have come to an end with the stadium reverting to its original non commercial name Stadium Australia.

What is Stadium Australia?

While the Olympic Games are a highly commercial event, they do not allow for venues to carry commercial names. As such the main stadium for the Olympics in Sydney 2000 was called Stadium Australia.

This is it’s non-commercial name, and the name used when no naming rights sponsor is in place.

For example, Melbourne’s AAMI Park Rugby League and Soccer venue has the alternate non-commerical name “Melbourne Rectangular Stadium” – you’ve got to laugh:)

What is Royal Stadium Australia?

In several Facebook Posts and advertisments you may see reference to “Royal Stadium Australia” – this refers to the Golf Course that has been created within the stadium for “Stadium Golf”.

Players hit off Tees in the stands, aiming for holes painted onto the playing surface.

What is the capacity of Stadium Australia?

The centrepiece of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Stadium Australia was originally a 110,000 seat capacity.

Following the games, Stadium Australia was reconfigured to a reduced 83,500 capacity.

When will the renaming of Stadium Australia be complete?

It can’t be an easy thing to do – change a venue name that has stuck for 12 years! The Stadium’s Facebook page was changed today, other social accounts still need changing, and while the website has been redirected and all text and logos updated, things like the “Favicon” the little logo you see in your browser tab still needs updating from the ANZ logo.

Give them time:)