Here’s an Alexa Skill that will suit those of us with bottles of sprits and other things sitting around either in a cupboard or on a Mad-Men style bar cart. The Bar Cart will help you work out what to mix next.

Created by Diageo, the company behind Smirnoff, Gordon’s Gin and Johnnie Walker, this Alexa Skill

Apparently there’s been a resurgence in the old traditional bar-cart so to capitalise, this “Skill” has been released for those with Amazon Echo devices to summon Alexa’s help mixing their next drink.

Initially it has a range of twelve cocktail recipes programmed in, all accessible via a voice activated menu.

You tell it what drinks you have, Alexa will then help you mix it step by step.

While your favourite bar tender might be a wizz on the cocktails, survey data released with this launch suggest 73% of Aussies are not so confident with their ability to mix a cocktail at home.

Most people are turning to online searches for the recipe, while this helpful bar-assistant “The Bar Cart” just sits by waiting on your Amazon Echo device.

If you’ve got an Amazon Alexa enabled smart speaker, head to the Alexa app and search for “The Bar Cart” in the Alexa Skills.