Fancy screen mirroring from your iOS device to your Nest Hub or that new Chromecast with Google TV you found under your Christmas tree? Even better, do you want it for free?

Screen mirroring has always been a black art. What should be a simple task often ends with “Why is this so difficult?

I just want what’s on my phone shown on my Nest or Chromecast enabled TV’s, including web pages. With no native web browser how can you surf the internet on your TV for all the family to see?

After a hot tip from a mate (Thanks Matt) I gave “Replica – Screen Mirroring For Cast TV” a shot

Set up couldn’t be simpler. No signup. No login details sought. No password to remember. Just download, give it access to your network etc and choose your in-app purchase option.

“But hey you said it was free” I hear you ask

Yes but currently you have three payment options.

  • Option 1. Bi-annually after a two week trial for $14.99
  • Option 2. Yearly for $29.49
  • And Option 3 is the one I really like – Lifetime Replica Premium access for single payment of (drumroll please)………$0.00 – UPDATE: sadly the price is now well over $60 for this version, so you’re gunna wanna love this to pay that

Of course option 3 was for me and within seconds I was shown a list of all my Google devices.

Once selected you are prompted to “Start Broadcast” and mirroring commences with a 3 second countdown. Think of it as screen recording but broadcasting instead.

Careful though. All your notifications such as texts, reminders and WhatsApp notifications will also show up on the big screen so you have been warned

Once you’re done select “Stop Broadcasting” and you’re back.

If you want an easy way to mirror to

  • Google Chromecast (including Google TV)
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV

Then this is a no-brainer. But you may want to be quick. We have no idea how long the lifetime offer will be free.