Earlier today we covered the MaskFone, a smart mask that houses a microphone and wireless earbuds. That isn’t the only smart mask debuting at CES2021 with the AirPop Active+ smart mask also making an appearance.

The new AirPop Active+ smart mask is of course firstly a mask which contains a filter that snaps into place behind the mask. The filter blocks “>99% PM0.3, including dust, allergens, particulate matter and microbial particles” but they do not go as far as to say it is N95, nor COVID-95 compliant.

If using a scarf is/was considered good enough by government health officials in Victoria in August you would assume this mask would also fit the bill — after all everyday masks are primarily there to keep others safe from you and not the other way around. The Active+ mask is designed with a medical-grade membrane that seals around your mouth.

The mask gets its smarts from the AirPop Halo sensor included — as you can see in the image below. the sensor connects your your iOS or Android device using Bluetooth and is powered by a coin-cell battery that will give you six months of power.

The Halo sensor by default gives you/the app data such as breathing behaviour, breathing cycles and pollutants that the mask has blocked. Switch the sensor over to active mode and the data collected expands to information such as breaths per minute, breaths per pace and volume of air.

As an added bonus the Halo sensor provides data on the air quality and provides suggestions for when you should be wearing the mask — something that could definitely be used all year round, pandemic or not.

The AirPop Active+ mask will be available this month on their US and Canadian websites for US$150 (it is a big step up from a standard mask not just in features) with replacement filters costing US$25.

Look for them to arrive on the US Amazon store in the coming weeks if this is something you think your exercise needs.

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