Presbyopia is a condition associated with irreversible loss of the accommodative ability of the lens/eye normally due to aging. As someone who suffers from presbyopia I can attest to it being a restrictive condition and as such the new VOY Glasses may well be a game changer for many of us.

VOY Glasses offer a one pair of glasses for all situations solution. A single pair of glasses that can be tuned from +2D to -5D for things such as distance viewing, computer work, reading and driving.

The VOY Glasses give the wearer the ability to manually adjust the power of each glasses lens by turning a wheel located above each lens/arm. The lenses can thus be tuned to different amounts, just how customised glasses would be.

They are tunable to “1/10th of a diopter granularity” which is apparently more accurate than conventional lenses. Each lens has a built-in blue light blocker, is anti-reflective and have UV protection coatings.

VOY Glasses are available in black, tortoise, brown, grey, burgundy and white in a unisex style — if you prefer a thin frame though these are definitely not for you. They weigh just 35 grams and contain no electrical components or batteries.

Available with free shipping in the US they start at US$59 from the VOY Glasses website. They do ship to Australia though — expect to pay around US$18 for shipping to our sunburnt country.

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