Gaming chairs are some of the best looking, fanciest seats you can buy – and for Marvel Fans, Anda Seat’s 2021 Marvel range will blow your mind.

You don’t have to be a gamer, though they are designed for that use, they are great for your home office if the look is what you want.

As a manufacturer of racing car seats for some prestigious brands, partnering with Disney and Marvel takes them to a new level among fans.

Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Ant-Man – all represented as your new gaming seat.

They all feature 4D adjustable armrests, matching floor mat along with neck and lumbar pillows.

Captain America Gaming Chair

That Star, those circles, the dark blue, the red, the white – just thinking those words will have you imagining Captain America.

This chair looks the goods, and the whole kit with pillows and floor mat completes your Marvel look!

Iron Man Gaming Chair

With that Maroon and Yellow Iron Man colour scheme, you’ll find the Iron Man logo on it, the Marvel Logo and the Tony Stark reactor design in the center of the chair.

Spiderman Gaming Chair

A spider web design of course, along with the Spiderman logo and Marvel Logo, this dark blue and red combo looks brilliant.

The floor mat too, really helps top it off.

Ant Man Gaming Chair

Using the iconic black and red colours, and Ant-Man logo all around, plus a Marvel Logo too.

You can buy them direct from Anda Seat, or at Amazon Australia

They start at $499, up to $819 for the Spider Man chair!

  • Ant Man: $499.99
  • Iron Man: $699.99
  • Captain America: $799.99
  • Spider Man: $819.99