When Apple announced it’s MagSafe charging capabilities for the iPhone 12, it was always going to be a mecca for makers of accessories for iPhones. Belkin has today revealed their latest, the Boost Charge Pro, 2 in 1 Wireless Charger Stand.

This is probably one of the best looking iPhone chargers you’ll see. A premium chrome-look stalk, holding up the MagSafe “snap-on” charger so your phone looks like it’s being held-up by the chrome stalk.

An iPhone 12 can be placed on the MagSafe adaptor either in landscape or portrait mode.

Underneath is a Qi charging pad, which Belkin says is “optimised” for Airpods. We’d suggest this optimisation relates to the small recess that the Qi charger sits in, allowing Airpods cases to gently sit in place. A larger Qi capable device like a phone or other brand of headphones likely won’t pickup a charge.

But we’ll test that in the months ahead.

This Pro level phone charger will be available at Apple Stores, Belkin online and Apple online from April this year at $149.95.

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