The Block Warehouse was a huge deal when launched, and it’s since been relaunched with plenty of people keen to build their own little Bunnings – and now, that “Block” building is expanding with a range of new collectables coming over the months ahead.

Five Block add-ons will be released to sit with the Block Warehouse, with the first being a Building Block Truck.

Bunnings call their truck the “quiet hero” because of course, the delivery trucks are what keep the Bunnings Warehouses stocked!

The Truck, and all other collectables will be $10 in store, but still in limited quantities.

What’s coming after the truck? Who knows – Bunnings is playing the tease, with just pixelated images, one new one will be released each month until May.

All we know is that each one will be a replica of “features you can easily spot inside a Bunnings Warehouse”.