What is wrong with this country? For a nation that claims to enjoy beer, the fact that XXXX has just become the country’s most consumed beer (knocking off long time champion VB) is a national disgrace.

According to the SMH today, Nielsen is reporting that Lion’s XXXX finally took the mantle of most popular beer from SABMiller’s VB in April, taking 12.4 per cent of the market compared to VB’s 12.3 per cent. The same period last year saw VB at 13.7 per cent compared to 11.7 per cent for XXXX Gold.

But the real story here is just how dreadful the average Australian punters tastebuds must be to willingly torture themselves with either mass-produced swill. A quick read through of the 100+ comments on the Herald story tells me I’m not alone in this thought.

Obviously cost does play a big part in which beer is popular, and the rising price of VB in recent months – as well as a slight change in the alcohol content – has contributed to the declining sales. You have to wonder why home brew hasn’t become more commonplace though, given how much more economically friendly it is to brew your own beer.

But still, to know that 25 per cent of beer consumed in Australia is either VB or XXXX? That’s both disappointing and depressing…

Does anyone here drink either VB or XXXX? Why? (That’s a serious question)

Via: SMH