I think they call it “Surprise and Delight” and there are plenty of Samsung fans getting that experience today with pre-orders for the new Galaxy S21 Ultra arriving a full week ahead of their official on-sale date.

The phone was announced just over a week ago, and the pre-orders commenced that same day. But the deliveries were meant to start next week on January 29 – instead, they’re arriving today.

Here’s one happy man:

While others are showing off their brand new phones to their mates on social media:

“Alright then, let’s check this bad boy out @samsungau#Galaxy#s21ultra” Said Jason on Facebook of this:

His mate Deon in the comments saying they’re “S21 buddies”:

Garry McGregor, from Samsung Australia told EFTM “Samsung Galaxy S21 Stock arrived in the country earlier than expected, and we’ve taken the opportunity to surprise and delight our loyal customers who pre-ordered with us. The early delivery also means many customers can take advantage of the amazing features of the Galaxy S21 over their long weekend ahead, we hope to see many amazing photos from Galaxy S21 users over the days, weeks and months ahead.”

I mean, it’s genius really. Think a year away when the next phone is announced, or a year after that – these people had an amazing and surprising experience this time round – they’ll be back next time won’t they!

The deliveries we’ve seen came from pre-orders made directly with Samsung, EFTM understands at least some Telcos may also have been making early deliveries – but not all.

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