From tomorrow (Wed 27 January) you can pickup an Apple iPhone 8 for just $359 at Coles Supermarkets across Australia as part of a continuation of the supermarket’s partnership with Boost Mobile.

Late last year Coles sold iPhone 7’s from Boost in most states, with the devices selling out in just hours.

This time, in all Coles Supermarkets across Australia, the iPhone 8 will be offered at the refurbished price of $359.

While you might find iPhone 8’s cheaper via private sale, the refurbished phones from Boost come with a 30-Day money back guarantee, as well as a 12 month warranty.

Boost are able to offer this thanks to the detailed checks the devices go through during the refurbishment process.

This includes a thorough clean, checks for marks and scratches, testing every function of the phone from the screen to charging and battery and more.

It also includes a police check, ensuring the device is not reported as stolen by its previous owner.

The phones we’ve seen all appear to be in excellent condition, a keen eye can even notice that the phones were previously kept in cases thus their remarkable condition.

While EFTM understands Coles has much more stock this time round, the addition of Queensland and Victoria means there’s going to be as much or more demand, so while expectations may be that these will stay on shelves, there’s also just as much chance they’ll sell out fast – tomorrow.

Each phone also comes with a $10 Boost SIM to get you started, but the phones are unlocked and will work on any network.