Sony have used this week’s virtual CES to unveil to the public for the first time their Airpeak drone.

A drone specifically designed for video content creation and professional photography, capable of carrying Sony’s Alpha series mirrorless cameras.

There isn’t much detail about the Airpeak drone, with Sony committed to seeking feedback from professional drone users. What we can see from the released images, is a two extending landing gear legs that retract upwards to avoid coming into camera frame and battery redundancy security.

Sony used it’s virtual announcement to demonstrate footage taken from the Airpeak as a chase camera in a road test of its VISION-S concept car that we saw at last year’s CES.

In a similar reaction to what I had last year when Sony announced the VISION-S concept car, it’s an intriguing market for Sony to target given DJI’s ongoing market dominance and their own commercial drones capable of carrying the Alpha series cameras. It would appear Sony’s motivation is to develop the smallest possible drone specifically designed to carry the Alpha series cameras.

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