The middle of summer in Australia means barbecues and the inevitable invasion of the dreaded flies. This summer though I’m saying no to flies with the Bug-A-Salt 3.0.

The bright orange coloured Bug-A-Salt is a toy gun which fires table salt from the hopper at the top of the gun at flying pests hovering around your place.

Bug-A-Salt 3.0

The Bug-A-Salt is in its third generation, with stronger springs, a more secure hopper and safety catch, as well as an overall improvement in design and more accurate sights.

There’s no batteries, the Bug-A-Salt is primed with a pump action and then it’s as simple as releasing the safety catch, aiming and firing.

Pump action

Of course if you want a little more accuracy you can add a Bug-Beam laser sight. This particular attachment will need batteries, but mounts easily on the end of the Bug-A-Salt and you can even zero in the accuracy with adjustment screws once attached.


A single Bug-A-Salt 3.0 will cost $69.99 on their Australian site, or you can grab a bundle with a Bug-Beam for $89.98. Bulk buy will get you a cheaper price still with bundles of up to six for $300 bringing it down to $50 a pop – plus postage – and then Bug-Beam is $29.99 on top.

I’ve put my order in, and there’s about a 2-3 week lead time for shipping, so expect a review very soon.