Get ready for a whole new marketing campaign in 2021 introducing you to another type of TV – this time from Samsung and this one is called Neo QLED.

Neo QLED is Samsung’s way of describing a combination of technologies. Their QLED screens, Mini LED backlighting, Quantum Matrix technology and Processor all controlling the smallest LED backlights in a Samsung TV, helping to offer their best brightness and contrast combination.

Each Mini LED behind the panel is 1/40th the height of the LED’s behind your conventional TV screen.

By using tiny densely packed LED as the backlight Samsung is able to achieve a greater level of brightness, as well as a remarkably improved level of contrast between the colours and blacks on screen.

According to Samsung, Neo QLED “increases the luminance scale to 12-bit with 4096 steps; this helps make dark areas darker and bright areas brighter, resulting in a more precise and immersive HDR experience.

All the Neo QLED’s in Samsung’s range feature the “Infinity One Design which was pioneered in 2020 with the Q950.

Samsung Australia’s TV Guru Hass Mahdi says “Samsung is renowned as a pioneer in audio visual technology. We were the first to launch 8K TV in Australia and we’re extremely proud to continue our leadership with the introduction of the Neo QLED TV range in 2021

“Neo QLED features an incredible new screen technology that produces incredibly clear and accurate pictures. We’ve achieved this by replacing the traditional LED module lens with a micro-layer, which allows for precise light control in a small package. This incredible new innovation has allowed Samsung to reduce the width of our TV displays by up to 50% achieving an amazingly slim design for the 2021 TV line-up including our lifestyle TV range.” 

The Neo QLED range will come in both 4K and 8K models, and come with other new features for 2021.

They include Samsung Health which turns your home into a personal Gym and a Smart Trainer feature helping you out just like a personal trainer. No confirmation this will launch in Australia.

For gamers who love to see all the action, you can turn your 16:9 screen into a 21:9 aspect ratio using Super Ultrawide GameView which gives you the letterbox black bars top and bottom but a large screen in the middle for your gaming. Game Bar is a new simple to use function to quickly switch aspect ratios, check input lag or connect a headset.

And in a world of Zoom and Video calling, Google Duo will work on the Neo QLED TVs allowing you to initiate a call on the TV that can have up to 32 people on it, and with an optional USB camera make video calls too.

In the end though, the Neo QLED range is all about picture quality. Bringing Samsung’s best up to the quality OLED has become famous for, and all signs here point to a big jump, we can’t wait to see.

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