Computer monitors are much of a muchness when you think about it. There’s the size, the curve, the resolution and perhaps the design to take into account – but have you ever thought about what a dead screen it is when you’re not working or on your computer? Samsung has. Their new Smart Monitor also features Samsung’s Smart TV platform.

That means you get a little Samsung Remote, much like the TV one, and if you’re done with the spreadsheet you can navigate to the apps you want, like Netflix or Stan.

It’s bloody genius. Why get a TV for the home office when you’ve already got a screen there.

Built to work instantly with Dex enabled phones, as well as most other PC input types this is a very unique monitor.

Samsung Australia’s Head of Consumer Electronics Jeremy Senior says “The Samsung Smart Monitor has been designed to keep-up with the evolving way that we need our technology to perform in our homes. With the Samsung Smart Monitor, people no longer have to choose between a screen for work and learning and another for enjoying TV, movies and more. Using the M7 and M5 Smart Monitors you can get work done without a PC using Microsoft Office 365, remote access or via DeX, then switch to entertainment with the on-board Smart Hub that comes with your favourite streaming services*.” 

The Smart Monitor will be available in Australia next month, with the Full HD version (M5) retailing for $399 (27 inch) or $499 (32 inch) while the Ultra HD model – the M7 – is a 32 incher and retails for $699.

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